The Ruach (Spirit) of the Father has lead you to this website so you can understand and know the Name of the Heavenly Father.  After watching “Restoring the Set Apart Name of YAHUAH Alahiym” a new chapter of your life will start.  Proverbs 18:10 “The name of YAHUAH is a strong tower:  The righteous runneth into it, and is safe.” So let the restoration begin in your life and watch the transformation.  Now it is time for you to pray and ask the Father for confirmation of His name in your life.


Dr. M. Reisel - Quote 1

The fact that also the precediing u was pronounced biabially obliterated the bilabial character of this “w” and made Yahuwa sound like Yahuah.  “My Mysterious Name of Y.H.W.H, 1957”

Dr. M. Reisel - Quote 2

When the Marosetes finally established the pronunication, they followed the pronunciation current in their time.  Accurate as they were, they noted the exception to יהוא, which had apparently not yet adapted itself to the “tertiae infirmae”.  This is not surprising for those who are familar with the Masoretic text.  They will readily understand that beside the frequent יהוה the old alternative form יהו א was preserved. (The Mysterious Name of Y.H.W.H., page 39)



The Name Suppressed

Upon the death of the High Priest Simeon the Just…the other priests, according to a historical tradition, felt unworthy of using the Tetragrammaton in the daily priestly blessing (The Mysterious Name of Y.H.W.H, page 53-54).



Restoration of the Father’s Name

The first order of business is to help you know the Father’s Name and the importance of His Set Apart Name.


Restoration of Yahuah’s Torah in your life.

After restoring Yahuah’s set apart name in your life, now it time to learn His Torah, which is simply His Instructions. Israel was scattered to the four corners of the earth because of disobedience.  Now its time for OBEDIENCE to Yahuah Set Apart Instructions.

Witnessing Team and Fellowship

After you get this knowledge that has been hidden for ages, it is time to help others discover Yahuah Alahiym’s set apart name.  If you aren’t apart of a local fellowship we will refer you to reliable online fellowships.

Resources & Lessons

Jocephus on the YAHUAH

Dr. Stephen Pidgeon posted an excellent article on the name Yahuah.  Jocephus who was an eyewitness during the destruction of the Temple in 70AD let us know that the Creator's name had four (4) vowels in His name.  I have reposted the article with the link for your...

Yahuah Name Scripture –

Have you been looking for a Scripture with the Name's Yahuah Alahiym and Yahusha the Messiah?  The waiting is finally over.  Visit and use the coupon code LIVINGBRANCH and receive 10% discount on your order. Use Coupon Code - LIVINGBRANCH...

Step 1 – Learn The Father’s Name

Step 1 – Learn The Father’s Name

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Curabitur quis dui volutpat, cursus eros ut, commodo elit. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus.